Founded in 1995 as a knowledge-sharing collective, we draw upon the experience of thousands of highly skilled clinicians and administrators across Australia and New Zealand, as well as top innovators from the UK, USA, and Canada.
Using your feedback, we provide a rich and detailed suite of reports for your organisation, highlighting hidden trends and comparing your organisation to exemplars using government recognised standards developed by the Health Roundtable.
20+ major face-to-face conferences and workshops a year allow you to directly collaborate with other members and dig deep into the experience of the group to implement proven improvement techniques within your health service.

Thousands of tested, evidence-based health service innovations across all areas of the health system are available to your team, and we're constantly looking for better ways to share this knowledge and help you use it effectively to improve care in your health service.


23 years of experience in health service improvement provides unique improvement opportunities for your organisation. Here are some of the things our members are saying:

Richard Ashby talks about how Health Roundtable benchmarking has helped his team improve patient safety at Metro South Health Service QLD.

Richard Ashby, AM

Metro South Health Service, QLD

Nigel Millar talks about how the Health Roundtable benchmarking has helped his organisation improve through collaboration on innovations and data.

Nigel Millar

Canterbury District Health Board, NZ

In our Maternity Services here at Waitemata District health Board, we have started using A-HED to extract our monthly core clinical indicators; it is simply fantastic! It is up to date and easily available. Once the underlying data and the relevant ICD codes have been understood, it is very quick to extract and analyse the necessary information. We are using CHADx to examine rates of post-partum haemorrhage and third & fourth degree tears; more recently the new additional diagnoses and additional procedure codes have proved extremely useful in looking at conditions complicating pregnancy and their impact on health outcomes, for example, diabetes in pregnancy.

Dr. Geetha Galgali

Public Health Physician, Waitemata DHB

The A-HED tool has been incredibly valuable in helping our project team access timely patient level data to enhance the management of patients with Chronic Heart Failure. The ability to use the tools filters to tailor data to our specific needs has been instrumental. The A-HED and Health Roundtable team have been easily accessible to answer any questions or queries we had, and provided myself and my team with the support we needed to get the most out of the tool. We look forward to continuing to use the tool to improve how we care for our patients.

Naomi Van Steel

Innovation & Redesign Officer, Western Sydney Area Health Service

The Health Roundtable and A-HED online analytics solution assisted our orthopaedic unit in benchmarking our length of stay performance with exemplar health services nationally. The data was a key driver for our project where we successfully reduced our length of stay through implementing sustainable changes to patient management and our service provision.

Senior Therapist

Victorian Health Sector


Health Services




Innovation Presentations


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A Health Roundtable membership provides the following opportunities for your organisation and staff:

Executive and leader resources

Annual CEO workshop & AGM and Executive Clinical Directors Workshop. Getting the best Value from Health Roundtable Reports. Innovations Workshops & Awards. High level overviews of your health service's performance relative to your peer group on the key measures tracked by The Health Roundtable.

Performance indicators & standards reports

Brings together information derived from inpatient and emergency data, together with selected clinical and workforce measures to provide senior executives an overall Balanced Scorecard

Patient care comparisons between peer organisations

A suite of reports designed to assist in finding improvement opportunities. Exemplar and peer comparisons from the department level to the diagnosis and procedure level, across all areas of your health service, from emergency to outpatient and beyond.

Collaboration opportunities for innovators at all levels

Face to face meetings across many different special interest groups expose your team to innovations from across the sector, with the opportunity to discuss with the authors how they might apply to your organisation. Meetings also provide expert-level advice on how to spot your improvement opportunities.


Members are provided with a wide range of documents and presentations that identify innovations in health care practice, as well as comparative information and meeting notes. All staff from a member health service can access these reports by registering online with their health service email address.

Throughout our reports we compare your health service facilities and departments to peers across Australia and New Zealand using a precise and evolving algorithm. You can be confident that our comparisons are showing you other hospitals that understand the practicalities of your situation. If they've made significant improvements in their organisation, then those initiatives are likely to apply to yours as well. If you're interested in comparing any of your facilities to one or more that don't appear in your reports, you can use our custom report creator to recreate our reports to include any hospital from across our entire membership.

Direct Contact

Speak directly to innovators from exemplar health services and learn how they achieved their goals and how their innovations can apply to your health service.

Make the Case

Use our targeted analyses to help you make a case for change within your organisation.

Shape the Path

Participate in defining the direction of the group. All suggestions from members are taken seriously and many have become standard features of our facilitation process.

Information + knowledge = wisdom

We can put you in touch with people in the group (and even within your organisation!) who have knowledge that can help you achieve your improvement goals.


Members are provided with a wide range of documents and presentations that identify innovations in health care practice, as well as comparative information and meeting notes. Any staff member from a member health service can access these reports by registering for access with their health service email address.

Thousands of innovations have been presented at the many Health Roundtable meetings held each year, and they're all collected and made available to your organisation in our searchable library. The following are samples of some of the winning innovations voted on by members in 2017:

Assisting communication with people from CALD backgrounds

Demand for interpreter services often exceeds supply. Solution: Western Health, in partnership with CSIRO, has expanded and adapted the CALD Assist™ iPad application. Outcomes: The multi-modal App facilitates two-way communication between NESB patients and nurses to improve patient experience, clinical assessment and basic interactions.

Take 5! Education for busy people

Dwindling audiences with face to face education Some staff groups effectively unreachable – missing out on core education messages – especially medicine. Also increasing resistance to established formats of eLearning as the panacea solution. Solution: Re-invent the education format, content, style, marketing and delivery into a punchy 5 minute format. Results: 10 times more staff accessing Take 5 education each week than attended face to face education.

Real Time SMS Messaging to Patient's Families

Keeping concerned relatives informed of a patient’s surgical progress reduces anxiety, provides transparency and reduces the fear of missing status updates. Solution: Automated real time messages are pushed at three stages. Transfer to the OR, Surgical Start time and Surgical stop time. Results: High levels of patient satisfaction: Quote- ‘Fantastic’, ‘It’s about time’ ‘Made things easy’ ‘I could tell the family what’s going on’

Normalising conversations about living and dying well

Conversations are the key to improving end of life care. We need a culture shift both in the community and within our hospitals from not talking about end of life to talking about it. Gift of Grace enables us to personalise death in a safe way – it addresses our fears and we can start the conversation and by expressing these fears and taboos we all can learn how to deal with death, how to discuss it with not only our patients but our own families.